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To people that are afraid of being judged in japan

I can see where you’re coming from. Japan has had it’s fair share of xenophobic people over the years, and they still are there. But I tell you, most of them are the typical “scary old people”. I, myself, am Japanese, but my Japanese is a bit…off, I guess you could say. I also have an accent that i got from my mother, which is a bit of a more Hokkaido “country” accent. I also came from the country side, so seeing a foreigner is always a super big thing. Some people may like them, some may not. Just like any other place you go. Everyone has opinions. Some are just stronger than others. And of course, it depends on where in Japan you go. Say, if you go to the more crowded areas of Tokyo, like Harajuku for example, then yeah, no one’s is really going to mind you being there as a foreigner. They get plenty of tourists everyday, one or two more is not going to send them flying. Now if you go to somewhere that gets little to no tourists, obviously you’re going to get some stares.

Case with me, as a Japanese, I’m expected to know as much Japanese as a normal person my age, but unfortunately I do not. I’ve lived in America for the last 14 years (and I’m soon to be 15)  and I think I’m still around the late elementary and early middle school level of education. i may be wrong, but that’s what i think. Anyway, as a Japanese, you’re expected to know certain things. I don’t, so i get looked down on, and I am a prime example of a “disgrace to the country’ as some people could call it. I’m usually around family when I’m in Japan, so they know that I’m not a great Japanese speaker/reader/writer, but when you go out, you have to be pretty careful.

But, if you don’t look like a Japanese, nor do you sound like one, then you should be pretty fine, except for the occasional person that hates all foreigners. But you don’t come by them often, unless you’re terribly unlucky. People should be very accepting, especially the younger generations, as they are taught about foreigners, more than the previous generations.

Overall, there isn’t much to worry about going to Japan except for money and getting lost. Hope you all have fun when you go!

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